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Contributing to facilitate the access to healthcare in areas with low medical density

Anxious to provide answers to the problems of health systems in certain territories, we have developed Katomi Impact. A modular Telemedicine solution integrating territorial specificities, whose ambition is to improve access to healthcare for the most distant and fragile populations by responding to issues such as access to specialized advice, medical desertification, monitoring of chronic pathologies, etc.

Accessibility to medical care

Whether it is a patient suffering from a chronic pathology, loss of autonomy or living in an area with low medical density, access to healthcare and good quality follow-up can be a real challenge and significantly impacts the morbidity and mortality of certain populations. Telemedicine is an efficient solution that allows to improve the access to healthcare via a simple internet connection.

Long wait or difficulty in obtaining a specialized advice

A long waiting period to obtain a specialized advice or the need to travel for several hundred of kilometers or even the impossibility of obtaining this one is a frequent reality in certain developing countries. Teleconsultation allows to make the access to a specialized doctor easier, the telexpertise enables a doctor in isolation to benefit from specialized advice in few minutes while guaranteeing the patients anonymity and the security of their medical data.

Join us to raise these challenges!

You are working on ameliorating the access to healthcare, the development of connected devices or any other approach allowing the improvement of populations healthcare quality, contact us! We want to unite all the driving forces and initiatives that work on improving medicine quality for all.

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Discontinuity of medical care

Discontinuity of care or follow-up may be due to several factors (medical desert, lack of autonomy, the complexity of the care process, etc.). Each non followed disease carries its risks. Telesurveillance constitutes an interesting solution which could reduce or even annihilate this discontinuity.

Improving the follow-up of isolated patients

Discontinuity of care and medical monitoring can be the cause of many complications impacting the patient’s life quality, and represents a significant increasing in the costs for health systems that are often fragile. Our solution allows to improve the follow-up of patients with chronic pathologies via a simple communication, and an increased accessibility to healthcare professionals. Connected devices contributes in creating an efficient solution that we are constantly working on improving in order to better face the challenge related to the follow-up of the most fragile patients.

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