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Katomi is a telemedicine platform, created and piloted by health professionals. We are offering a modular solution taking in consideration all interfering actors (patients, health professionals, healthcare structures) to respond to the diversity of Telemedicine cases. Whether you are a doctor, traveler, expatriate, major account or healthcare structure, Katomi offers you a personalized telemedicine solution to respond to all your needs.

Katomi Pro

A telemedicine platform dedicated to healthcare professionals and structures while taking care of patients in mobility. You are willing to offer your patients a secure and efficient solution that helps them with communication and medical data exchange management.

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Katomi Travel

Your medical record within easy reach during your trips abroad. Whether you are a traveler or expatriate, Katomi Travel is a solution that allows you to securely store your medical data, to share it with a doctor of your choice in your home country, and to easily communicate with your treating doctor.

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Katomi Corporate

You are a company, a holding, you are willing to offer to your mobile collaborators the possibility to create a medical record that is accessible no matter where their location is, and to make it easier to take them medically in charge in case of necessity. ;
You are an actor taking in charge mobile patients, you would like to integrate our solution within your medical care process in order to facilitate the exchange of information, benefit of our telemedicine service and ensure your patients sensitive data security. ;
You are a travel and insurance actor, and you would like to offer to your customers a “Premium” service that distinguishes you from the traditional assistance services, and allows you to offer your client a medical care based on Telemedicine. .

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Katomi Impact

A solution that comes to help improving access to healthcare in areas with low medical density especially on the African continent. Improving access to good quality medical care that require facing human, technological, logistical challenges, etc. Katomi Impact have the ambition to offer everyone a better access to healthcare by integrating digital technology in the health sector.

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