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A communication and medical data exchange management solution for your patients in mobility.

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Taking care of patients in mobility

You are brought within the framework of your activity to deal with patients coming from abroad, expatriates or outside the healthcare circuit, and you desire to offer them a secure medical data exchange solution while being able to benefit from communication tools offered by telemedicine. Katomi Pro gives you the possibility to optimize your patients management, centralize their data, communicate via a messaging service, teleconsultation or obtain a complementary medical opinion thanks to telexpertise. The centralization of all these tasks gives you the possibility to save time, more efficiency and an optimal security while taking care of your patients and ensuring their follow-up. .

Teleconsultation, the ideal solution for your patients in mobility

Taking care of patients in mobility requires special consideration, due to the difficulty that they could face to commit the necessary time and resources to seeing their healthcare provider. Teleconsultation responds perfectly to this issue and fits easily in your activity on a daily basis. Whether while preparing for the patient's arrival to your structure, consulting his medical record, ask for complementary tests or ensuring his follow-up, Katomi Pro was conceived to respond to all your needs in a simple, efficient and secure way.

Telexpertise to make the exchange between colleagues easier

You would like to have a specialist colleague’s opinion, transfer the whole/a part of one your patient's medical record in order to get a complementary advice in a secure way and without having to use the traditional messaging services. Katomi Pro is the perfect solution to communicate with your colleagues, without compromising the patient data security. The file’s exchange is done in few clicks, the communication is asynchronous and traceable. Our solution is based on an infrastructure accredited by HADS and in conformity with sensitive datas’ storage and processing current regulations.

Katomi Pro for healthcare professionals

You are a medical professional looking for a telemedicine solution that is easy to integrate within your structure? Katomi Pro was conceived by healthcare professionals in order to guarantee you a perfect use adapted to the constraints of health sector professions. Easy to use, Katomi Pro allows you to create patients file in just a few minutes intuitively depending on your activity characteristics, add medical files using your smartphone, communicate with patients, coordinate with your team.
Katomi Pro is based on an infrastructure in conformity with the current regulations and recommendations of the HAS and the CNIL.

Offer a digitized solution in adequation with the needs of your patients in mobility.
Improve the medical care coordination within your teams.
Easily communicate with your patients in a secure environment.
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