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Keep control on your medical data with your digitized files, easily accessible no matter where you are.

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Katomi Travel for travelers

Your secure medical record, accessible wherever you are in the world !

You are traveling punctually/regularly for professional reasons, you are an expatriate, or a student on a study trip, create your medical record in few clicks and share it with the doctor of your choice in case of necessity. Thanks to teleconsultation, you can also exchange with your treating doctor or prepare a medical intervention abroad while protecting your medical data.

The security of your medical data, our main concern

Your health data is precious, do not share it through traditional messaging services or via emails, they can be used without your consentment. With Katomi Travel, we work on ensuring an optimal security for your data by using secure servers responding to sensitive data protection norms. Your data is secure and encrypted and is in no way subject to any other use.

For insurance companies

You are an insurance company willing to integrate Telemedicine in your travel insurance offer? Excellent decision! According to a survey* in France, people are ready to use Telemedicine, with their usual doctor for routine healthcare. The integration of this new medical practice in your offer will allow your customers to travel and spend their vacation without health issues. Collaborate with Katomi Travel, our Telemedicine solution will allow your clients the opportunity to have access to quality remote medical services. Give them the possibility to carry out Teleconsultations with a referring doctor anywhere and anytime. Our platform responds to the legal framework related to the practice of Telemedicine, medical confidentiality and health data security.

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- Patient Pack -

€9 / month

  • Your secure medical record
  • Secure Messaging Service
  • Share your medical record with the doctor of your choice
  • Free Mobile App
  • Assistance
  • Secure Storage HADS

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